A global organization for the towerco industry

The International Digital Infrastructure Alliance (IDIA) is the only membership organization representing the interests of the towerco industry globally, sharing regulatory best practice to support rapid and cost-effective deployment of robust communications infrastructure. The IDIA provides a strong and unified voice to regulators, mobile network operators and other stakeholders as the industry rapidly progresses the deployment of next generation networks for 5G and IoT.

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Driving digital economies

IDIA has been formed to fill a void in the provision of independent, international advocacy of the tower industry, with a goal of informing regulatory, federal, regional and municipal government stakeholders about the socio-economic benefits of the towerco business model, and how our industry can help accelerate national broadband initiatives and drive the emergence and development of digital economies.

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Unique resources for members

Federal, regional and municipal government and regulatory stakeholders can play a pivotal role in accelerating the deployment of communications infrastructure, particularly if they are able to establish holistic, standardised and streamlined access policies and processes. One of the IDIA’s early priorities is the creation of a rich database to share global best practise to support the creation of such frameworks.

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Our partners

As an organization, we have no interest in reinventing the wheel. Hard-wired into IDIA is the principle of collaboration – with supporters like the World Bank and TowerXchange, but also with other organizations and trade bodies, all with the aim of strengthening the businesses of members and bringing sustainability and influence to the tower industry worldwide.

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What are we doing

The IDIA will continue to identify and fund projects that support its members in specific markets and to develop global resources to help drive local best practice. Our role is to understand regional requirements and to provide an informed, independent and international voice to speed outcomes, maximise the impact of investments and deliver the best possible outcomes.

Regulatory database

An urgent priority for the IDIA is to provide the industry with a global database to help individual members and regional towerco associations share best practice with regulators and governments. This supports our aim to avoid fragmentation in the regulatory environment and secure the long-term infrastructure investments required for sustainable densification worldwide. Regulatory support for towercos


IDIA welcomes the opportunity to support the new Ethiopian regulator (ECA) in the development of a regulatory framework for communications in the country. In October 2018, the Government of Ethiopia announced its decision to proceed with the reform of its telecommunications sector. At the heart of the reform agenda is the drive to attract local and international investment to the sector. Discover the latest updates from our Ethiopian project