• Read more 11/08/2019
    New member benefits

    We know that towercos have a vital role to play in delivering digital infrastructure to developing markets. But with increasingly complex and fragmented regulatory frameworks around the world, coupled with competition from new technologies and operators, the landscape has changed for towercos. With World Bank backing, IDIA is a global voice and an independent alliance […]

  • Read more 10/08/2019
    October update from the IDIA

    This month, IDIA will meet in Johannesburg, South Africa, to discuss the initial projects that will receive support from the Alliance. The meeting, attended by key decision makers, will formalize and confirm the levels of support and deliverables from the two initial projects looking at infrastructure developments in Ethiopia and the evolution of Smart Cities. […]

  • Read more 08/08/2019
    What is the IDIA?

    The International Digital Infrastructure Alliance is a new name in the telecom sector. However, our presence and mission should hardly be a surprise, the formation of an industry alliance and global body representing towercos was long-overdue – but what is IDIA and what are its aims and objectives?  Today there has become an urgent need […]

  • Read more 06/08/2019
    Objectives for first three-year program

    Chuck Green, CEO, IDIA I’m excited to share the news about a significant new initiative within the tower industry. At TowerXchange Asia in December, I will be announcing the official launch of the International Digital Infrastructure Alliance (IDIA). This is being set up to provide our industry with the strong, unified voice it needs to […]