Objectives for first three-year program

Chuck Green, CEO, IDIA

I’m excited to share the news about a significant new initiative within the tower industry. At TowerXchange Asia in December, I will be announcing the official launch of the International Digital Infrastructure Alliance (IDIA).

This is being set up to provide our industry with the strong, unified voice it needs to articulate its value to regulators and other stakeholders; and to put powerful tools into towercos’ hands when they are working with governments or municipalities to agree deployment regulation.

The Alliance is being backed by IFC, the World Bank, and by some of the biggest names in our industry, some of which I’ll be able to announce in Johannesburg. In my conversations this year about this new organization, I have been delighted to see how many towercos recognize the need to communicate global messages to regulators, with the arguments backed up by a deep resource of data and benchmarks.

In order to hit the ground running, the founding members of IDIA have already agreed a set of objectives and milestones for the first three years of its program.

  • Global approach: The Alliance will coordinate global messaging and profile building to make sure that regulators and governments around the world have a firm understanding of the socio-economic benefits that a shared infrastructure delivers.
  • Practical resources: As well as cohesive messaging, the Alliance will support individual members and regional operators in their lobbying activities and negotiations with local regulators. By creating a database of assets and best practices, all members will be able to rely on robust research and data to underpin their negotiations.
  • Cost efficiency: These objectives will combine to save both time and money when members are evaluating opportunities and give them firm benchmarks to compare their projections against, allowing them to assess and substantiate performance over time.
  • Resilience: With initial efforts focussed on developing markets, often regulators in these areas will not have previously dealt with towercos. By providing reference material and supporting data from around the world, regulators will be able to compare projected results from towercos against real-world data from developed markets.

We are absolutely focused on our mission to enhance the global reputation of towercos and share regulatory best practice to encourage and optimize investments in digital infrastructure. To this end, we aim to engage fully with global & local stakeholders and trade organizations to avoid re-inventing the wheel, extend our reach and deliver the best possible value to our members. If you would like to work with IDIA, please contact me and I will be happy to arrange a call.