Regulatory database

An urgent priority for the IDIA is to provide the industry with a global database to help individual members and regional towerco associations share best practice with regulators and governments. This supports our aim to avoid fragmentation in the regulatory environment and secure the long-term infrastructure investments required for sustainable densification worldwide.

About the project

One of the IDIA’s early priorities is the creation of a rich database to support towerco work with regulators. The database will include global best practice and the latest information on regulatory decisions made so far in developing markets, and the impact this has had on the economy in those countries.

The database will include detailed data on site regulation, access to sites, licensing and taxation regimes and the relationship between towercos and government agencies, amongst other data.

Today we are seeing countries where the telecoms regime is going to be deregulated, where there is some opening up to neutral hosts, or where there are new licenses to be awarded.

In these circumstances it’s important regulators can make a fully informed decisions about where a towerco could fit into the development of infrastructure in particular markets and how this could help them achieve their goals.


  • November 2019
    Global Infrastructure Survey

    In support of our mission to provide a global regulatory database for the towerco industry, we have put together a survey that is open to all towercos.

    The survey can be found here. Our aim is to support the industry in every way we can and, regardless of whether or not you are a member of IDIA, there are rich rewards for firms that help us build our database.

    To show our appreciation for your time in completing the survey, we offer participants several benefits:

    • A free quarterly snapshot report highlighting an important trend that is emerging from the research, and which is likely to impact on your business decisions (selected data points with brief analysis)
    • Two hours of complimentary query time with our expert analysts – you may ask a question related to the topics of the survey, and receive a lead analyst’s response during a phone discussion or in a brief document by email.