New member benefits

We know that towercos have a vital role to play in delivering digital infrastructure to developing markets. But with increasingly complex and fragmented regulatory frameworks around the world, coupled with competition from new technologies and operators, the landscape has changed for towercos.

With World Bank backing, IDIA is a global voice and an independent alliance representing the interests of towercos.  There is growing recognition that the towerco model can deliver significant socio-economic benefits to developing countries via wide-scale access to telecoms – and therefore our resources are focused on enabling towercos to move seamlessly into new global markets.

Membership collateral and data

A significant role of IDIA is creating collateral for our members as well as content to share with the wider industry. This collateral has two main objectives:

  1. Over the first two years, IDIA will create and maintain a robust database of content, case studies, evidence and information about digital infrastructure in emerging markets. This will be valuable collateral to support negotiations with regulators. The database will include the latest information on regulatory decisions made so far in developing markets, and the impact this has had on the economy in that country. The database, accessible only to full members, will include detailed data on site regulation, access to sites, the licensing and taxation of towercos and the relationship between towercos and government agencies, amongst other data. Today we are seeing countries where the telecoms regime is going to be deregulated, where there is some opening up to neutral hosts, or where there are new licenses to be awarded. In these circumstances it’s important regulators can make a fully informed decision about where a towerco could fit into the model and how this could help them achieve their goals. It also arms the towerco with the material and evidence when entering discussions with regulators to make a strong commercial business case.
  2. Of equal importance is the creation of content to give a new global voice to the towerco industry. As an industry, we need to create a better understanding of what a towerco is in the mobile economy. For many years, Mobile Operators have been very good at pushing out strong messaging about their sector and achieving a global voice. Towercos have an important role to play in the mobile economy and particularly in emerging and developing markets, and yet this is poorly understood even within the telecom industry and by regulators themselves.

On top of our membership collateral, IDIA can offer direct advocacy support to towercos seeking to negotiate with regional regulators, and will facilitate the sharing of industry best practice and knowledge through exclusive IDIA meetings and events.

There are also many businesses and organisations that have a stake in the digital infrastructure sector, such as the financial and legal services, vendors and suppliers, and consultants. These businesses all have a role to play in supporting the towerco model – and therefore we have roles for these groups within IDIA – not as full members but as sponsors.

Please contact Membership Services for more details about IDIA membership.